Report: The Nintendo NX May Be Dropping Discs For Cartridges


Another day, another Nintendo NX rumor. Despite the Big N having confirmed recently that their mysterious new console will be releasing in March 2017, the entire world still has to rely on unconfirmed leaks and convincing rumors to piece together what the enigmatic piece of tech will actually do. At least we know it will play games.

Anyway, according to a report by Japanese site Money-Link (via VG24/7) chip manufacturer Macronix – who has a long-standing business relationship with Nintendo for manufacturing ROM chips found in their 3DS game cartridges – is reporting that they expect to see a revenue increase in the second half of 2017 due to an agreement with Nintendo, the translated report reads:

In the past, Macronix sales performance usually peaked at third quarter, while declined at the fourth quarter. However, Wu Miin pointed out that because Nintendo has announced that the new platform will be launched in March next year, orders should be placed in advance. Therefore, the operating revenue of Macronix in the fourth quarter may be as good as the third quarter.

This isn’t the first time that details surrounding the specifics of the Nintendo NX‘s architecture have suggested that the device will be doing away with the use of an optical disc drive seen in most modern day consoles, but this most recent news seems to be the most telling yet that it will be some sort of home console/handheld hybrid that many have expected to see for a while.

Whatever the case may be, we’re unlikely to get any concrete answers for a while – Nintendo has already stated that the NX won’t be appearing at this year’s E3 conference, opting instead to focus on the upcoming newest entry in the Legend Of Zelda series.