New Resident Evil 2 Mod Brings Dino Crisis To Raccoon City


If there’s any end in sight for Resident Evil 2 mods, it sure won’t arrive anytime soon. Even with the blockbuster remake’s release being nine months behind us, we’re still seeing some talented and tech savvy diehard fans having fun with the fright fest.

Most recently, we’ve witnessed Mr. X being swapped out for the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, which probably had to be one of my favorite mods to date. In addition to that, players were reunited with an old favorite in the form of Barry Burton, and we all know he isn’t utilized too often by Capcom themselves. If you’d like to spend more time with him and meet his pottymouth of a daughter, Moira, then I highly recommend picking up Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – but that’s a discussion for another day.

This time, lovers of Dino Crisis have reason to rejoice, as Marcos RC has posted a sampling on YouTube showing Regina standing in for Claire. Not only that, but Mr. X has been replaced by a sizable T-Rex. Given that, I’d say this mod trumps any other throwbacks to Dino Crisis this year.

Although my better judgment tells me Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is next on the docket, it’s very possible that a remake of Dino Crisis is being planned by Capcom for the not too distant future. After all, the success of Resident Evil 2 has inspired them to revisit other past favorites, so why not this one?

Those of you who vividly remember 1999 should recall how Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and Dino Crisis were released so close together that each game contained a demo disc promoting the other. If, say, Capcom got two dev teams cracking on remakes of each, then perhaps we could see a repeat of history.

In addition to those, I’d think CODE: Veronica and the first Devil May Cry game are the others the publisher should take under consideration. But in the meantime, I guess we’ll just tide ourselves over by playing Resident Evil 2 over and over again. That’s not a bad idea, if I must say so myself.