Watch: New Resident Evil 4 VR Gameplay Trailer Announces Release Date


Ready to make the jump with Leon S. Kennedy into virtual reality? Resident Evil fans don’t have much longer to wait, according to a new gameplay trailer revealed today.

First released in 2005, Resident Evil 4 has since come to many new consoles. But Resident Evil 4 VR looks to offer players something worth returning to: The game has been remade from the ground up to support virtual reality interactivity.

As IGN’s exclusive preview shows, the series’ iconic checkpoints have been reimagined as fully-working typewriters with keyboards players can use. Different motions will draw different weapons from your (virtual) body, and some puzzles have been given world controls to manipulate.

The Facebook-owned Oculus Quest 2 released last September with iterative improvements over the first Quest. The headset connects via USB or WiFi to the computer running the game. While RE4 VR represents a partnership between series publisher Capcom and Facebook, the port itself has been developed by Armature, the studio behind last year’s Bayonetta & Vanquish: 10th Anniversary ports.

Resident Evil 4 VR launches on Oculus Quest 2 on Oct. 21. In the meantime, Resident Evil fans have more virtual reality scares to look forward to, as a fanmade RE mod aims to introduce VR playability to some of the franchise’s other greatest hits.