Resident Evil 8 Reportedly Has Medieval Setting And Armored Zombies


Development of Resident Evil 8 may not be so troubled after all, new details suggest.

For those that missed the major rumor circulated by AestheticGamer earlier this month, the whistleblower – who’s known to have been accurate with unconfirmed leaks in the past – suggested that Capcom’s survival horror sequel had hit a few roadblocks internally during the creation process. The company, they said, had ultimately opted to reboot the project following dissatisfaction with the original version, resulting in a later-than-expected release date.

Now, however, a number of different insiders have independently shared what they claim to know of the unannounced title. Twitter user Chaotic Claire and YouTube channel both believe the aforementioned rumor that development of Resident Evil 8 has been restarted at least once to be incorrect and, what’s more, imply that the next mainline installment might not be numbered at all.

GAMEZ proceeds to share several other major talking points about the title (video link at the end of this article), though for those that don’t speak German, you can find a translated summary below, courtesy of Chaotic Claire (thanks, Rely On Horror):

  • The rumor that the game had been scrapped and development restarted is wrong.
  • Discussions about the logo design and if the game has an “8” in the title are useless at this point since things can still change.
  • Release is maybe in 1.5 – 2 years
  • Setting: Eastern Europe or an adjacent country to that area
  • Village & a snowy landscape
  • Castle, but it’s smaller than the one from RE4
  • Medieval setting and enemy designs
  • Wolf-like creatures to be one enemy type.
  • Zombies are wearing knight armor & wield swords
  • More action-heavy than 7, closer to Not a Hero gameplay-wise
  • Director has been with Capcom for a while & didn’t change/leave (correction from previous post)

We’re still far, far away from being able to consider any of the above as factual, of course, though it’s worth mentioning that Chaotic Claire’s original translation over on Twitter has since been deleted. At the direct request of Capcom, perhaps? Who knows, but if everything we’ve so far been told about Resident Evil 8 ends up being true, this could well be the most drastic diversion from the series’ classic formula to date, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, either. Watch this space for more.