Resident Evil 8 Listed For PlayStation 4 By Online Retailer


If the overwhelming evidence suggesting as such holds true, an official Resident Evil 8 announcement isn’t just imminent, but arguably overdue.

As you’ve no doubt caught wind of over the last few weeks or so, several independent sources claiming to have knowledge of Capcom’s next big release have shared various gameplay and story beats about the sequel, most of which has been corroboratory. The return of Chris Redfield and Ethan Winters, an eastern European setting, armored zombies and vaguely wolf-like creatures: we’ve heard it all numerous times before, of course, but regardless of how true it all may be, it’s much too soon to be tabling the word confirmed.

Until Capcom says otherwise, after all, everything we’ve learned up to this point remains hearsay, but when can fans expect to finally get some concrete details about the series’ highly anticipated eighth installment? Sony’s big blowout presentation dedicated to showcasing the games that’ll be available for PlayStation 5 is the current favourite to serve as the staging ground for Resident Evil 8‘s grand reveal, though it remains to be seen when exactly that event will now take place following its delay last week.

While we patiently await a sit-rep on that front, it appears as if one retailer may have jumped the gun early, so to speak. As spotted by Twitter user Ken Xyro, a product listing for Resident Evil 8: Village [Uncut Edition] appeared on German website GamesOnly earlier today, only to be taken down shortly thereafter. It’s worth noting that searching for the title still yields a result though now only leads to a generic landing page featuring related products when clicked on.

As for whether this latest development is indicative of anything, it’s tough to say. Retailers prematurely listing unannounced games has, in the past, often led to an official reveal not long after and the scales could tip either way. We’ll keep you posted as and when the situation changes on that front, but in the meantime, be sure to let us know what improvements or changes over its predecessor you’re hoping to see when Resident Evil 8 does finally arrive in the usual place below.