Resident Evil 8 Will Have A Big Feature Exclusive To PlayStation 5

resident evil village

Following months of what could only be described as spurious rumors that Resident Evil 8 would feature werewolf-like enemies and be set in a location eerily similar in description to that of Resident Evil 4, said leaks, it turns out, were bang on the money, so to speak. Then again, with prolific insider AestheticGamer (AKA Dusk Golem) responsible for providing much of the information prior to Capcom’s official reveal of the sequel earlier this month, that everything turned out to be correct is hardly surprising.

In their latest update to their followers on Twitter, the whistleblower doesn’t reveal any major plot or gameplay details, though does reference something that many fans of Resident Evil 7 are still awaiting confirmation of for the sequel. While correlations between the two are difficult to gauge without official numbers, sales of Sony’s PlayStation VR headset were undoubtedly boosted by it offering the ability to play Capcom’s first-person survival horror in full virtual reality back in 2017 and is often considered to be one of the best ambassadors for the technology.

Thankfully, then, it looks likely that the two companies will be teaming up yet again to offer something similar for Resident Evil 8. Addressing concerns fans had of the somewhat choppy frame rate seen in Resident Evil 8‘s initial trailer, AestheticGamer says:

For anyone worried about RE8’s frame rate, don’t. The trailer played kinda’ weirdly on the stream, but the game does support PSVR from what I hear so they will be aiming for a stable 60fps.

Assuming the above is accurate – and we’re inclined to believe that’s the case, considering who the source is – then fans needn’t worry about potential performance issues when Resident Evil 8 launches sometime next year, though it remains to be seen if the PS5 will feature compatibility with existing headsets or if a brand new headset will be required. What do you think is the more likely outcome, though? Sound off in the usual place below!