Resident Evil 8 Is Reportedly A Massive Series Departure That’ll Upset Longtime Fans

Resident Evil 7

While all eyes will be laser-focused on a certain remake due to arrive in just a matter of days, work on the next numbered entry in Capcom’s beloved survival horror franchise appears to already be well underway. As previous leaks have suggested, in fact, Resident Evil 8 is on course to arrive within the next year or two and, like Resident Evil 7 before it, will be played from a first-person perspective.

Both Ethan Winters and Chris Redfield are said to be returning for the eighth installment which, we’ve heard, will adopt more of a supernatural theme featuring ghosts and wolf-like monsters. This all absolutely remains hearsay, of course, though with next-gen consoles fast approaching and Resident Evil 7 now three years old, expectations of a sequel announcement have never been higher.

According to new details teased by prominent leaker AestheticGamer (AKA Dusk Golem), however, some fans may find themselves dissatisfied with what the developer has to share.

Ah what the Hell, I’ll tease a bit more about this 2021 RE game & then not talk deeper about it until a bit after RE3 is out. The 2021 RE game started development in late 2016, by the time it releases it’ll have been in development for 4-4.5 years (been in dev at the moment for about for about 3-3.5 years). It’s development is very similar to the original Resident Evil 3, not the remake, but I won’t expand on what I mean by that until later.

The announcement for it will be really soon, and it’s by far the biggest departure the series has ever taken, to the point I expect a lot of people will be pissed off about it when it gets revealed, but they should be open-minded. Internal testing and the like show it’s high quality game, and I’m quite excited for it.

Unsurprisingly, AestheticGamer is vague with specifics in regards to why the upcoming title could prove controversial, though if the departure is as drastic as they allude to, then we can’t help but wonder exactly what type of game Resident Evil 8 will be. Of specific note is the claim that development somewhat mimics that of the original Resident Evil 3, though what that means is being left open to interpretation.

My best guess? Resident Evil 8 – if it and the game being referenced here are truly one and the same – will revisit many of the locations seen in Resident Evil 7 and be somewhat of a side story rather than a sizable continuation of the franchise’s overarching narrative. Got your own theory? Sound off in the usual place below!