New Resident Evil 8 Story Details Tease Chris Redfield’s Role

Resident Evil 7

As sure as you can be that night turns to day, so too, can you expect to read yet another Resident Evil 8 rumor over your morning coffee.

Despite having yet to confirm that an eighth installment is on course to release next year – let alone that it’s in active development – many are expecting Capcom to show its hand sooner rather than later, not least due to a number of recent reports indicating that the sequel has already been in the works for at least a year, if not more. According to reputed Resident Evil leaker, AestheticGamer (AKA Dusk Golem), word on the grapevine currently is that, like 2017’s soft reboot, the studio is once again adopting a first-person perspective for what’s described as being the most drastic divergence from classic Resident Evil that fans have seen to date.

Again, we can’t stress enough that this all remains pure speculation, though certainly of note is the general consensus among individual leaks concerning various features for the title. As per a thread posted by u/daddyofsjcircle over on Reddit earlier this week (H/T, Game Rant), they claim to have received a wealth of new information from a source they say is close to Capcom, and you can continue through the break below for a summary of the major talking points.

  • The game starts in an unnamed mountain village not dissimilar to Resident Evil 4 but with a frigid climate.
  • Inhabitants are deeply religious and spiritual.
  • Ethan, Mia and their newborn child reside in the small settlement following the events of Resident Evil 7.
  • Following the appearance of a stranger behaving erratically, a mysterious outbreak prompts Ethan to defend his family.
  • Blue Umbrella, led by ‘Chris Redfield’ (this iteration of the character is implied to be an imposter posing as the real deal) infiltrate the village and indiscriminately kill infected and non-infected alike.
  • Having survived the purge, Ethan awakes to discover his wife and child missing and is directed by a village elder to seek out a castle in the mountains for help.
  • Gameplay will involve traversing a gigantic underground mine to reach the castle, with various other locations, including a lab, said to feature.
  • Werewolf enemies mentioned in past leaks are “not what you think”, according to the poster’s source.
  • Many themes explored will be borrowed from an early scrapped version of Resident Evil 4 (dubbed Resident Evil 3.5 by fans).

Fascinating stuff, then, but until Capcom says otherwise, all of the above should be taken with the usual grain of salt. Until that time arrives, though, be sure to let us know whether you’re hoping for the above to be true or would rather Resident Evil 8 distance itself from the narrative kickstarted by its predecessor for something else entirely in the usual place below!