Resident Evil Lifetime Sales Soar Over 100 Million Copies Worldwide


Resident Evil, one of gaming’s most popular franchises of all time, has just surpassed a major sales milestone, Capcom has confirmed. Revealed in the company’s latest quarterly financial report, the current tally for lifetime sales of the entire survival horror series combined now stands at 103 million, placing it on an even keel with Nintendo’s iconic and similarly long-running The Legend of Zelda.

A monumental achievement, no doubt, but if, like us, you’re interested in finding out which entries contributed more to that overall total than others, you might be surprised by the answer. As it turns out, Resident Evil 5, 6 and 7 are all within spitting distance of each other and separated by just 100,000 units. Given how young the latter of those three is, however, we can only assume that 2017’s soft reboot will ultimately come out on top, at least until Resident Evil 4‘s rumored remake swoops in and inevitably sells like hotcakes.

As for other installments, last year’s critically acclaimed Resident Evil 2 remake currently boasts a whopping 6.6 million sales, surpassing the original’s 4.96 million with flying colors. Interestingly, and perhaps not altogether surprising, however, is the first major update on Resident Evil 3 remake’s performance. So far, Jill Valentine’s reimagined nightmare has sold through a modest 2.7 million copies, making it a far slower seller than its predecessor. Not the figures that Capcom had hoped for, then, but likely expected, given its shortcomings.

With Resident Evil Village on course to arrive sometime in 2021 and several other of the developer’s IPs – Monster Hunter World and Devil May Cry both posted healthy sales figures – there truly hasn’t been a better time to be a Capcom fan. As for Village, you can head over here for all of the latest developments. Enjoy!