Resident Evil Resistance Reportedly Has Microtransactions And Loot Boxes

Resident Evil

Resident Evil Resistance may not be the main attraction included with next month’s Resident Evil 3, but it’s certainly shaping up to be a welcome addition.

The multiplayer mode, which pits one team of survivors against a single Mastermind, aims to capitalize on the success of other asymmetrical titles such as Dead by Daylight, though from what we’ve seen so far, Capcom’s taken the extra steps to ensure that Resistance has plenty of meat on the bone compared with other games in the genre. Along with multiple maps and nefarious Masterminds to choose from on launch day, each of the latter boasts their own repertoire of unique abilities such as being able to summon Resident Evil 2‘s terrifying Mr. X and William Birkin.

Whether or not there’s still has more to reveal for the experimental gameplay experience remains to be seen, though thanks to new footage recently uploaded to YouTube (check it out here), it appears as if the developer could soon be on the receiving end of heavy criticism. As of writing, it’s not entirely clear (the footage being in Japanese) what’s being shown, but BlackFox2240’s video reveals what appears to be the presence of loot boxes in Resistance.

Given the heavy stigmatism surrounding such monetization models (and especially so, in full-priced games), it comes as somewhat of a surprise that Capcom would be willing to risk rubbing fans the wrong way, especially as last year’s Resident Evil 2 was devoid of any such content. What sort of items players will obtain from the Umbrella-branded caches isn’t known and – however unlikely it may be – there’s every chance that what we’re looking at has nothing to do with microtransactions. Capcom has yet to confirm or deny the existence of such optional content for Resident Evil Resistance, but we’ll let you know as and when the situation changes, so stay tuned.

Resident Evil 3 is out April 3rd for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.