Resident Evil: Revelations 3 Reportedly In Development

Resident Evil: Revelations 3

If you were already struggling to keep track of all the Resident Evil content slated to release in 2021 and beyond, today’s spin of the rumor mill definitely isn’t going to help matters.

According to new details provided by reputable leaker AestheticGamer over on Twitter, Capcom is currently in the process of developing a sequel to oft-overlooked spinoff, Revelations 2. Frustratingly, the insider refuses to share any concrete details about the project beyond its existence, having only mentioned it in the first place in order to clarify earlier comments from one user concerning a supposed follow-up to another offshoot, Outbreak. That being the case, then, it’s impossible to discern exactly what shape or form a continuation of 2015’s installment would take, though we can certainly hazard a guess based purely on previous entries.

For those not aware of the series’ background, the original Revelations released exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in 2012 and garnered praise for featuring gameplay more closely resembling that of the survival horror franchise’s roots. It would only be after Resident Evil 6‘s launch a year later (and its disastrous critical reception), that Capcom would return to the drawing board for 2017’s soft reboot, but not before it ensured that an appetite for slower-paced gameplay existed.

Resident Evil: Revelations 3

Initially presented in the form of individual episodes, Revelations 2‘s split campaign brought back fan favorite characters such as Claire Redfield and Barry Burton following a long absence and, while smaller in scope, offered an experience akin to that of classic RE. Assuming a sequel truly is in the works, then, those elements will likely remain and serve as the perfect accompaniment to mainline Resident Evil‘s seemingly permanent transition to first-person horror.

The best of both worlds, then, so to speak. Now it just remains to be seen if Capcom can deliver on all fronts.