Resident Evil Revelations 3 Reportedly A Timed Switch Exclusive, Releasing 2022

Resident Evil: Revelations 3

Capcom’s primary focus right now might be on hyping up the next mainline installment in its acclaimed survival horror franchise, but it appears to be working on yet another title behind closed doors. Resident Evil Revelations 3, a game repeatedly rumored to be in development as far back as mid-2020, is supposedly on course to arrive either by the end of this year or early 2022 at the latest and will be initially available only on Nintendo Switch.

That’s according to reputable insider AestheticGamer (AKA Dusk Golem), at least, who has a proven track record when it comes to supplying fans with unconfirmed details concerning the series. The spinoff, they say, boasts a considerably larger budget than its predecessors, to the extent that it maintains a closer parity to the upcoming Village than the usual so-called ‘side projects.’

With that larger investment, however, comes a potential desire for Capcom to distance the unannounced adventure from previous entries, which have both been smaller in scope. The rebranding, says Dusk Golem, will see the Revelations moniker dropped in favor of Outrage and be comparable to 2000’s Code: Veronica in size and status. Essentially, then, it’s looking likely that Outrage will be a part of the primary narrative but not a numbered sequel.

As far as specific story elements are concerned, details are slim, to say the least. Former S.T.A.R.S. member Rebecca Chambers had reportedly been intended to make an appearance at one point in time, though whether this is still on the cards remains to be seen. Whatever the case, there’s a good chance Village will either provide some clues as to Outrage‘s purpose or even directly tie into it. Watch this space for further updates.

Resident Evil: Village is out May 7th for last and current-gen consoles as well as PC.