Resident Evil: The Card Game Arriving In Early 2022

Resident Evil is one of gaming’s most iconic horror survival video game series. Centered entirely around biochemically engineered zombies, the series is best known for its PC and console horror games, although the series has also made a number of appearances in books, board games, movies and shows.

Now, fans of the franchise that just can’t enough immersion into its lore will have another avenue to explore, with the announcement that it will soon be adapted into a card game. Per ComicBook, Spanish tabletop game publisher Gen X Games is producing Resident Evil: The Card Game, slated for retail in the first quarter of 2022.

Resident Evil: The Card Game will reportedly attempt to innovate on the series’ core survival horror gameplay, but with a cooperative twist. Up to four players trade off controlling just one character in a turn-based system, inspired by passing a video game controller between friends in a single-player campaign. Players can choose either Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield to navigate through the Spencer Mansion, slaying zombies and trying to stay alive long enough to make it out of the building.

The gameplay will reportedly focus on exploration, where in each turn players come to collectively select three action cards to play before moving to a different room of the mansion to investigate.

Just like in the video game, there are key scattered throughout the mansion that unlock doors. Behind the doors are randomized items, such as new weapons or green herbs. When you encounter an enemy in a room, players can choose to either fight them or run away, with iconic Resident Evil boss monsters and S.T.A.R. members also making appearances.

Resident Evil will also be receiving a new rebooted movie adaptation—Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City—that promises a return to its horror roots, coming to theaters on Nov. 24. With the card game on the way and Resident Evil 4 VR launching next week, the next six months look like a swell one for Resident Evil fans.