Resident Evil RE: Verse Open Beta Suspended Due To Matchmaking Issues


The open beta for upcoming Resident Evil multiplayer experience RE: Verse has hit a nasty snag.

Officially brought online earlier today, the playable preview, which is intended to run in multiple 24-hour periods over the next few days or so, has been taken offline after a mere few hours due to issues Capcom has attributed to the mode’s matchmaking systems. In a brief post updating fans of the situation over on Twitter, the developer details that instead of attempting to resolve the problem in a live environment where users are still experiencing difficulty getting into a game, it’s decided to temporarily suspend the beta entirely until a fix can be implemented. “We will continue to investigate,” the statement continues, adding, “and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

Not a good sign, then, though it’s worth noting that betas, whether they be closed or open, exist for the sole purpose of identifying faults such as these ahead of the official launch, so this is definitely preferable to the alternative. As for when you can expect everything to come back online and for business to resume as normal, no ETA is provided, so we’d recommend keeping an eye on Capcom’s socials for relevant updates.

For those not familiar with the premise, RE: Verse allows players to take control of all their favorite characters from the franchise and go toe-to-toe with others in an arena environment, and the choice isn’t only limited to the good guys, either. Nemesis, Mr. X and William Birkin are just some of the Umbrella experiments that’ll be present, with no doubt more to be revealed as release approaches.

RE: Verse will be included for free with all copies of Resident Evil Village when it lands on May 7th.