Resident Evil Village Combines With Castlevania For Residentvania Mash-up

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil may notice some similarities between the latest entry in the series, Resident Evil Village, and another beloved franchise, Castlevania. That’s because both games deal with horror elements and both games take place in a castle, at least for part of it.

It seems someone else wanted to take those similarities a step further and actually combine the concepts into a 2D side scroller called Residentvania. The free-to-play game from Florin OcO takes the plot of Resident Evil Village and flattens its dimensions to a Castlevania-like side scroller. You play as Ethan and enter Lady Dimitrescu’s castle, battling your way through minions before facing off against one of her daughters.

Though the game is only a 5-10 minute proof-of-concept, it’s still just neat to see these properties from competing companies Capcom and Konami coalesce. You can download the game from this link and check out the trailer below.

And if remakes of Resident Evil games set in a castle or village is your jam in general, be sure to check out this article about an upcoming Resident Evil 4 VR edition.

The survival horror genre owes a lot to Resident Evil, whose first 1996 entry on PlayStation among other consoles, invented the very phrase “survival horror.”

However, it may surprise you to know that Resident Evil does somewhat have its roots in 2D — albeit from the overhead perspective. The game was originally imagined as a remake of Capcom’s Nintendo Famicom title Sweet Home, a horror role-playing game that some consider the true progenitor of survival horror.