Resident Evil Village Demo Returns To PlayStation Store Right In Time For Halloween

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village may have been out for quite a while now, but if you’ve yet to pull the trigger on purchasing the game but want to have a taste of how it plays you’re in luck thanks, that is if you’re a PlayStation user.

Today PlayStation announced that they will be bringing back the Resident Evil Village gameplay demo to the PlayStation store just in time for Halloween. This demo first launched on May 1 and concluded on May 9  with no announcement of it ever being bought back, however, it’s now once again available to try.

Unlike other game demos, this has quite a bit of content to explore giving players access to both the Village and the Castle areas with no real bounds in terms of content. There is a major restriction though and that is a 60-minute timer that will dictate how long you have to spend within Resident Evil Village. Once the timer is complete you’ll need to purchase the game if you want to play anymore.

Along with this demo, the game is on sale for PS4 and PS5, currently selling for a discounted price on the PlayStation store. If you’ve considered purchasing the game then now might be the best time to act, or simply the best time to test it out for yourself.

It isn’t clear how long the demo will remain available or if it will become a permanent feature of the PlayStation store so don’t wait on your chance to test out the game this spooky season.