New Resident Evil Village Gameplay Showcase Coming This Week

resident evil village

As is usually the case, Capcom plans to attend this year’s digital-only Tokyo Game Show and while the publisher’s recently revealed broadcast schedule is clearly hiding a handful of surprise announcements, it does tell us that one of 2021’s most anticipated games will be taking center stage during the two-hour presentation.

Resident Evil Village, the survival horror series’ eighth main installment, was officially revealed during Sony’s initial PlayStation 5 showcase back in the summer, much to the delight of fans. Numerous leaks that surfaced beforehand had already let that cat out of the bag, of course, and though subsequent rumors appear to have already revealed sizable portions of Village‘s story, Capcom still has yet to show any substantial gameplay beyond a few frustratingly short vignettes interspersed throughout predominantly cinematic trailers. It’s for good reason, then, that confirmation of this weekend’s 30-minute demo is causing a stir on social media, though it remains to be seen just what exactly audiences will get to see.

Village may be following closely in Resident Evil 7‘s footsteps as far as combat and puzzle solving are concerned, but if what we’ve heard of the former is true, it’ll be considerably larger than its predecessor and feature several elements not seen since 2005’s Resident Evil 4. That includes, among other things, an enigmatic merchant who will supply Ethan with weapons and other goods to help facilitate his escape from this new hell, as well as a Tetris-like inventory system making management of supplies its own individual pseudo-minigame.

As for plot details, we wouldn’t be surprised to see these completely omitted from the show, though if we’re lucky, perhaps a demo or release date for the full game will be announced. Fingers crossed!

Resident Evil Village is out next year for Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and PC.