Resident Evil Village Has Just Smashed A Resident Evil 7 Record

Resident Evil Village

After the 2012 release of Resident Evil 6, it looked like the once iconic franchise was dead in the water. The games had gotten so far removed from survival horror gameplay that it looked like Capcom’s golden goose was beyond saving. Almost a decade later, Resident Evil is thriving once again. The latest entry, Resident Evil Village, has been a bona fide hit for the studio.

The company announced on Thursday that the game has shipped over five million copies globally. According to a press release, Resident Evil Village has shipped five million copies at a quicker pace than any other game in the franchise so far. The game’s predecessor, Resident Evil 7, has shipped over 10 million copies since it came out in 2017. Resident Evil Village still has some work to do to get to those numbers but is certainly on pace to surpass the last game.

Resident Evil Village moved the franchise closer back to action gaming, where Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was mostly straightforward survival horror. However, the former was filled to the brim with plenty of scares. It’s the closest a game in the franchise has been to the iconic Resident Evil 4. With the success of Resident Evil Village, the franchise is on a good path, and it’s likely we’ll see plenty more games in the future.