Respawn May’ve Already Teased Apex Legends’ Next Playable Character

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 4 may have only just arrived, but some fans of the popular battle royale have their sights set firmly on the future ahead.

In fact, while most players are still getting to grips with all the changes Respawn has made to World’s Edge as well as the synthetic assassin known as Revenant, Reddit user FrozenFroh has been hard at work attempting to discern who’s next in line to join the game’s ever-growing playable roster. Thanks to the discoveries made by data miners and leaks over the last few months, the existence of various unreleased characters – in varying stages of development – is common knowledge.

If one document obtained directly from within Respawn HQ last year is still even remotely accurate, in fact, then the studio has several currently in the works, one of which is said to be Kuben Blisk. Those that have played Titanfall 2 will be immediately familiar with the name, of course, as belonging to one of the sequel’s primary antagonists, and FrozenFroh believes new evidence unearthed in Season 4 points to his imminent arrival.

Check out the evidence in question below:

Convincing, sure, but it’s worth noting that Respawn could well have no ulterior agenda at play here and is simply engaging in some all-important world-building. As commissioner of the Apex Games, it seems unlikely that Blisk himself would participate directly (especially given his apparent age), though if his actions in Titanfall are any indication, the man certainly knows his way around a warzone.

Ultimately, fans are in for a long wait in order to learn the truth, as Season 5 – the presumed arrival date for Apex Legends‘ next character – won’t be dropping for some time. Fortunately, there’s plenty going on in World’s Edge in the meantime to keep you occupied, and with the first hints of Season 4’s first event already doing the rounds, it looks as if Assimilation will have even more to offer in the weeks and months ahead.