Respawn Only Has A Few People Still Working On Titanfall

Titanfall 2

While recent comments provided by Respawn’s Jason Garza will assuredly been made in an earnest attempt to reassure players of the studio’s Titanfall series that they haven’t been forgotten about, the community coordinator may have inadvertently achieved the opposite.

In an informal stream aimed at giving fans an avenue of fielding questions and getting some (hopefully) straight answers, discussion inevitably turned towards the developer’s aforementioned FPS series, particularly with regard to what steps the company has been taking to remedy ongoing problems with cheaters and DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks.

For those not aware, Apex Legends, a battle royale spinoff set in the same fictional universe, was targeted by hackers over the 4th of July weekend as a means of raising awareness of the former’s troubles, a debacle resulting in players being unable to log in and play for several hours.

It’s worth noting that Garza’s stream took place prior to this event, though due to its proximity, many have latched on to his noteworthy revelation that no more than one or two staff members are currently working on Titanfall, with everyone else assigned to Apex.

Considering the latter’s age and far lower average number of monthly users, that figure is hardly surprising, though could go some way to explaining why several egregious issues still go unresolved. Again, this may well have changed in the weeks since Apex Legends was targeted, though, with no official update to speak of, there remains little that anyone can do but to wait and hope that a fix comes sooner rather than later.

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