Respawn Reveals Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Easter Egg In Apex Legends


Apex Legends players are no strangers to Easter eggs.

Respawn Entertainment has littered its popular shooter with all kinds of subtle secrets in the past, many of which have often been discovered to be teasers for future content updates. The Leviathan invasion of Kings Canyon, as well as Crypto’s infamous hiding place, remain some of the most memorable, of course, but it’s not just in-universe Easter eggs that the studio has a habit of hiding in plain sight.

Earlier this week, senior writer at Respawn, Manny Hagopian, revealed to his followers on Twitter that a neat reference to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order exists somewhere in the battle royale’s world. Unsurprisingly, fans immediately went about attempting to decipher the various clues and riddles provided by Hagopian, the biggest of which confirmed that, whatever it was he’d hidden, wasn’t related to gameplay, but rather, a seemingly unrelated lore entry.

A particular flavor text entry adorning one of Apex Legends‘ many loading screens is a secret family recipe for pork chops. And the recipe, according to Mirage, originated from the Holographic Trickster’s great grandfather, Gryz Witt.

The key here, as it turns out, is the name of Mirage’s dear grandpappy. Confirming that one fan had managed to crack the riddle before providing the solution himself, Hagopian reveals that Gryz Witt was named after Greez Dritus, Latero captain of the Stinger Mantis who first appeared in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Hagopian notes that the Easter egg has been present in Apex Legends since before Fallen Order‘s launch and only now, following the latter’s release, has the connection become clear.

A devilishly obscure homage, then, but it’s far from the only crossover between both games that Respawn has revealed. Earlier this week, the developer added a brand new character skin for Pathdinfer themed after Fallen Order‘s BD-1 droid.

The cosmetic is available from now until January for the low, low price of free, so be sure to log in before the New Year rolls around.

Source: Twitter