Apex Legends Adds Free Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Skin For Pathfinder


Respawn Entertainment, having struggled through a disappointing launch back in 2016 with the second entry in its cult Titanfall series, hit the ground running this year.

Back in February, the developer unleashed Apex Legends on the world. Despite arriving with little to no fanfare or pre-release marketing, the battle royale experienced immediate, explosive growth, pulling in millions of players eager to test their might in Kings Canyon in a matter of weeks. That unprecedented growth ultimately subsided, of course, but the shooter has since settled in and continues to give Epic Games’ dominant Fortnite a run for its money in the popular genre.

Running alongside that experiment, a separate team at the studio working tirelessly on a new Star Wars title finally delivered the fruits of their labor in the form of Jedi: Fallen Order. The single-player adventure, which tells the story of Jedi Cal Kestis and his struggle to survive against the Galactic Empire, has gone down a treat with fans, having broken a number of sales records for publisher EA.

It comes as little surprise, then, that Respawn has seen fit to celebrate its newfound success with a neat little crossover between the two games.

Check it out below:

The fancy new skin for Apex‘s Pathfinder is available, free of charge, for all players simply by logging in. The white and red color scheme mimics that of Cal’s charming companion droid BD-1 and is intended to stick around from now until January 14th, so if you’re currently taking a break from the mayhem in World’s Edge, now’s the time to jump back in.

As for the future of both Jedi: Fallen Order and Apex Legends, Respawn has made no secret of the fact that it would love the chance to make a sequel for the former, though with the latter due to receive even more focus in the year ahead, who knows whether it’ll have the time to do so.