Respawn Teases More New Content For Apex Legends Season 4


A few annoying bugs aside, Apex Legends Season 4 is off to a terrific start.

Despite having already delivered new Legend Revenant, major changes to the World’s Edge map and, of course, having brought back Kings Canyon (albeit for a limited time), Respawn is seemingly far from content with resting on its laurels for the next few months and beyond. As always, fans should expect the usual parade of limited-time events and other smaller-scale additions to arrive in the near future, but judging by recent comments provided by a member of the studio, some big surprises are on the horizon.

In answering player questions over on Twitter, design director Jason McCord responded to requests for more permanent game modes and map choices by saying that the entire team is taking such feedback on board.

“All I can say is we hear you on all these points and we have some cool stuff coming this season,” McCord says, though understandably stops short of giving away specific details this early on in the season. Truthfully, the vagueness of McCord’s response could correspond to (within reason) nearly anything, but it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing the mid-season addition of a brand new map. With World’s Edge purposefully being rejigged in order to keep Season 4’s primary battleground feeling fresh, Respawn undoubtedly wouldn’t have dedicated resources to such if it knew a replacement was on the way.

With that said, we know that Kings Canyon, despite being scheduled to leave once again today following a short weekend stay, will return sometime in March to finish out Season 4: Assimilation, so there’s a good chance we’ll be seeing some of this “cool stuff” McCord is promising around that timeframe.

Until the time that Respawn sees fit to share more, though, there’s plenty to be getting on with in-game. For a rundown of everything introduced alongside Apex Legends‘ initial first major update of 2020, see here.