Retro City Rampage Adds PSN, PS Vita And Steam To Release Platforms

True to his word, Retro City Rampage creator Brian Provinciano promised a developer updater February 20th. The highlight here for many users is that, in addition to the previously promised WiiWare and Xbox Live Arcade releases, Retro City Rampage will also be hitting the PlayStation Network, PS Vita and Steam.

While the game isn’t set to release until sometime in May, you can preorder the Steam version right here for $14.99. Brian’s gone all out here and as well as nabbing a Steam key the second the game is available, you’ll also get your grubby little paws on a digital manual, soundtrack sampler and a 25% off coupon for all Retro City Rampage shirts, pins and posters on Fangamer.

This has been on my watch list for quite a while, and 15 bucks seem a pittance for the nostalgia trip waiting for us.