Retro City Rampage Has A Perfect Home On The Vita

I admit, I’ve been skeptical about Retro City Rampage because I’m usually not a fan of cashing in on a retro style to grab more attention. However, when the person behind everything is as passionate as Brian Provinciano, I think it’s completely genuine, and noteworthy of your attention.

A new video was posted over on the PlayStation Blog showcasing the game specifically on the Vita. Sporting continuous play with the PS3 version, optional touchscreen controls and filters that make the game look like it’s being played on the old Game Boy or Virtual Boy. The only thing that can make the nostalgia any higher would be blowing on the system before you start the game up.

Have a look for yourselves. And then sob over the fact that the game doesn’t have a solid release date yet. One day, kids. One day.

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.

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