Mr. X Returns In New Resident Evil Project Resistance Teaser Trailer


Brace yourselves, Resident Evil fans, for hype levels are about to reach cosmic levels. A brand new installment in Capcom’s famed survival horror franchise has been unveiled via a new trailer and while an official name is still forthcoming, what we’re dealing with is undoubtedly some form of a spinoff. The tantalizing teaser, which you can watch for yourselves above, showcases a raft of brand new details, including the return of some much-loved monsters, including the steel-tongued Licker.

Watched and re-watched it? Good, because we wouldn’t want to spoil the return of Mr. X for anyone. The terrifying, unstoppable Tyrant has become somewhat of an internet celebrity since his appearance in Resident Evil 2‘s celebrated remake earlier this year, singlehandedly spawning a variety of memes and mods from fans eager to proclaim their adoration.

With that said, however, it’s unlikely that the behatted monstrosity featuring in Project Resistance and Mr. X are one and the same. The latter was indisputably terminated either at Claire or Leon’s hands, so what we’re looking at here is more likely to be a separate entity.

As for everything else shown off in the minutes-long spectacle, there’s certainly an air of Left 4 Dead present here. Four heroes facing off against an army of undead in co-op play is bound to prompt comparisons with Valve’s famed multiplayer shooter, of course, but it goes without saying that Capcom’s offering looks markedly better in the visuals department. Oh, and is that shady individual controlling Project Resistance’s monster mayhem none other than Albert Wesker?

So many questions, so little answers. Expect a full reveal to follow later this week though at the Tokyo Games Show. Stay tuned, Resident Evil fans.