The Road To NHL 13 – Part 1: The Skill Stick

Ushering in a new generation of hockey games, EA Canada‘s NHL 07 revitalized its series by offering a brand new control scheme known as the Skill Stick. By giving us fanatics full control of each players’ stick, through the use of the right joystick, the studio made armchair playoff runs a heck of a lot more exciting. Not only that; they also became a lot more fun, thanks to what could be one of the best control mechanics this industry has ever seen.

Since that jaw-dropping release, the series has steadily improved, by adding various modes and tighter controls. EA Canada is always looking for ways to improve its ice-based masterpieces, and it seems like they’ve come up with another breakthrough. A new teaser trailer for September’s NHL 13 hit the Internet today, highlighting the aforementioned Skill Stick revolution, and promising that something exciting will soon be revealed.

I can’t wait to find out what NHL 13 has in store for us on September 11.

Note: This article’s featured image is a screenshot from NHL 12.