New Songs And Power-Ups Revealed For Rock Band Blitz

Harmonix has dished out some more information on its upcoming downloadable spinoff game, Rock Band Blitz. With this reveal, the company has detailed some of the power-ups players will use in the game, as well as more of the game’s built-in set-list.

The following songs have been confirmed:

All-American Rejects – “Kids in the Street”
Barenaked Ladies – “One Week”
Collective Soul – “Shine”
Elton John – “I’m Still Standing”
Fall Out Boy – “A Little Less Sixteen Candles”
Great White – “Once Bitten Twice Shy”
Iron Maiden – “Wicker Man”
Living Colour – “Cult of Personality”
P!nk – “Raise Your Glass”
Shinedown – “Diamond Eyes”
Tears for Fears – “Shout”
In addition, a new gameplay trailer has been released that details some of the in-game power-ups that can be used to score extra points. These include Bandmate, which will make a specific instrument track automatically play itself while the player focuses on another lane, and the pinball note, which will send a large ball careening across the lanes and hitting notes.
Rock Band Blitz will be compatible with all existing downloadable content in the Rock Band library, along with track list imports from such games as Lego Rock Band and Green Day: Rock Band. In addition, the 20 songs that come built in with the game at launch will be importable into Rock Band 3 for traditional plastic instrument-styled play.
The game is currently scheduled for an unspecified release date sometime this summer on both Xbox LIVE Arcade and the PlayStation Network. We’ll keep you updated as more news is released.