Rocket League Getting New Dropshot Mode In Free Update On March 22


The latest content update for Psyonix’s Rocket League is due to arrive next week, March 22, bringing with it a brand new game mode, as well as new cosmetic items and the beginning of the vehicular soccer title’s fourth competitive season.

Free for all players, Dropshot aims to turn the rules of standard play quite literally sideways by asking both teams to score by repeatedly hammering the ball into the floor. Doing so will gradually lead to the ground of the new ‘Core 707’ arena being destroyed, leaving nothing but gaping holes in which teams need to dunk the ball to score a point.

Sounds simple enough, then, but you’ll need to be aware that the same panel in the hexagonal stadium must be hit twice by the ball in order to break it, and you can only score by dropping the ball into a pit that’s on the opposing team’s side of the stadium. The longer a match draws on, the more exposed your side of the arena will become, with the ball itself going through multiple phases to up the stakes. As play continues, it will destroy progressively more panels within the immediate area of its impact, with up to 19 being affected by a single contact in the second and third phases.

Additional achievements, as well as a Turbo Crate loot box containing new cosmetic items to pimp your ride with, are also scheduled to arrive alongside Dropshot mode, more details for which you can find over on the game’s official site.

Rocket League enjoyed a hugely successful 2016, having been the most downloaded title of the year on Sony’s PlayStation Store, and those fortunes certainly look set to continue throughout 2017, not least because of Psyonix’s announcement back in January that the total number of players for the title had exceeded 25 million.

Source: Psyonix