Rockstar: Don’t “Count Out” Another L.A. Noire Game In The Future

In a new Q&A session with fans, Rockstar Games noted that there will not be any further DLC released for L.A. Noire but said that we should not “count out” the possibility of a new game in the franchise at some point in the future.

“While there won’t be any more DLC or additional content for the current release of L.A. Noire (we’re all too busy working on Max Payne 3, GTAV and other games to come), don’t count out the possibility of a new game in the L.A. Noire franchise in the future. We simply have not decided anything. We’re all very pleased with how that game turned out and are considering what the future may hold for L.A. Noire as a series. We don’t always rush to make sequels, but that does not mean we won’t get to them eventually… we have so many games we want to make and the issue is always one of bandwidth and timing.”

In Take-Two’s latest financial report the company mentioned that they had shipped “nearly 5 million” copies of L.A. Noire worldwide, so it’s not at all surprising to hear that they are kicking around the idea of putting out a sequel at some point. However, when Rockstar says that something might happen in the “future” they are not kidding around.

The company traditionally takes a long… long… time to develop their titles and they typically experience multiple delays before ever getting released. The latest example being Max Payne 3, which was original announced as a “Winter 2009” title and has most recently been given a “final” release date of May 15, 2012! I’m sure we will see another L.A. Noire title at some point but I’m not recommending that anyone hold their breath for it.