Rockstar Games Reveals Grand Theft Auto V Box Art


Rockstar Games revealed Grand Theft Auto V‘s official box artwork today, which should go a long way towards easing the fears of anyone who was worried that they might not be able to spot the highly anticipated game at their favorite retailer when it launches this September.

Overall, the Grand Theft Auto V cover art is very much in keeping with the style that has been used for the series since the release of Grand Theft Auto III back in 2001. This means the box artwork uses a familiar grid format to showcase several aspects from the game, including the title’s three main characters (Franklin, Michael and Trevor), and some of the vehicles used in the game (automobiles, motorcycles, helicopters, and a jet ski).

The GTA V cover also features the bikini-clad (creepy-eyed) girl holding the knock-off iPhone that was used in the original promotional artwork, and the shotgun-riding Rottweiler — who is apparently named “Chop”.

Truth be told, the box art is not at all surprising and is basically exactly what everyone was predicting it would look like, which is a bit disappointing. I suppose that it is nice that Rockstar has stuck to a certain look for the majority of the Grand Theft Auto titles, but it makes it hard to generate a tremendous amount of excitement over today’s reveal.

At any rate, we have also included the latest screenshot for Grand Theft Auto V alongside the newly revealed box artwork in the gallery below. These are infinitely more interesting than the cover art, as they feature some of the game’s nice weather effects, a sunset over the city skyline, underwater scenes, skydiving, chase scenes, and a little minigun mayhem.

Grand Theft Auto V is currently scheduled to launch on September 17th for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Check out all the new assets for yourself in the gallery below, and drop a line in the comments to let us know your expectations for Rockstar’s latest game.

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