Rugby World Cup 2011 Demo Now Available

Unfortunately, North American rugby fans have had to suffer with a lack of video game releases based on their rough sport over the last while. However, developer HB Studios and publisher 505 Games are planning to make amends for all of that by releasing Rugby World Cup 2011. Not only will it be a huge hit in Europe and other regions around the world, but the nice thing is that the game will also be coming to our shores.

In addition to announcing that there will be three separate commentary teams for the game, each from different regions of the rugby-loving world, 505 Games has also released a demo. It’s currently available on XBOX Live worldwide and will be released in PAL territories on the PS3 today.

This trial allows us sports fanatics to play a match between England and South Africa. It’s a precursor to a potential match at the actual Rugby World Cup 2011 event, which is set to begin on September 9 in New Zealand.

Get ready for the scrum and make your country proud!