The Third Call Of Duty: Black Ops DLC Outed Via Flyer

A leaked Gamestop flyer shows an advertisement for what is apparently going to be the third map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops. No name is given for the pack, but the ad lists the names of several different maps, including: Hangar-18, The Drive-In, Hazard, Silo and an unnamed Zombies map.

Since no official announcement has been made regarding these maps, we can’t officially confirm whether they’re really names of new maps headed our way. However, if the name Silo sounds familiar, that’s because it was found in a piece of code a little while ago. So, perhaps this isn’t just a mock-up and is in fact real. Hopefully we’ll find out soon.

The last map pack, Escalation, was outed by a GAME flyer before it was officially announced which leads me to believe that this is likely legitimate.