Rumor: TimeSplitters News Incoming

“Gun-wielding monkeys are making a comeback! A fourth TimeSplitters title is to be announced soon,” the September issue of OPM claims, according to ConnectedConsoles.

Hopefully they mean soon as in Gamescom soon, because the gaming world needs some more campy, time-bending shooting. Not to mention monkeys with guns. They’ve been missed.

TimeSplitters and its two sequels were developed by Free Radical, a development team that was eventually purchased and reborn as Crytek UK. News of a work in progress project from the studio has been quiet, though rumors have been circulating quite often about the chance of a new entry in the popular first-person shooter series. They’re aided by the fact that Crytek has mentioned their interest in resurrecting the popular IP, which has been dormant for far too long. Six years to be exact.

One thing we do know is that Crytek‘s main studio will not be working on the project if it is indeed announced and/or currently in production. Recently, a staff member outed the fact that they’ve been working on a new intellectual property there, ruling out their involvement.

I wonder if this news has anything to do with the last rumor, which mentioned that TimeSplitters 4 was in the works for Microsoft‘s next console. Whether it is or not, I’ll just be happy to hear that the series will be making a return, if this report is true.