Rumour: Game (UK) Affecting Games For Sale On Steam In England?

Gamers in Europe have noticed a few unusual things happening on Steam. Skyrim, a huge release that many can’t wait for, is not available for pre-order, THQ‘s Saints Row The Third doesn’t even have a page of its own (although there are a few trailers available for download) and a handful of other small problems have got their suspicions aroused and one forum user has put on his sleuth suit in an attempt to find out why.

Now, as with all stories of this kind, take it with a pinch of salt.

The forum user, Teddi Orange, claims that Game – the biggest games retailer in the UK – approached several developers at the beginning of the year in regards to their games being up on Steam. This is backed up by a news post from MCV UK posted November, last year, and a post from CVG from a couple of months ago. Allegedly, Game warned that it may refuse to sell certain games if they ship with any Steamworks compatibility, something a great many games come pre-packed with now.

Taking it one step further, Teddi continues to say that Game are demanding a month’s head start after release in the UK.

It’s an interesting accusation, especially considering a decided lack of proof. But it’s capturing the imagination of many of his fellow forum users. Whether there is anything in it or not it’s unlikely we’ll ever know. Teddi Orange is keeping things updated regularly with new games which seem to be oddly missing a pre-order option or are missing altogether, and it’s well worth checking back a few times – even to watch the fireworks fly in that thread.