Runic Games CEO Discusses The Future Of Torchlight 2

Ever since the announcement that Torchlight 2 will be hitting PCs come September 20th, gamers have been wondering if they should expect the game to find a home anywhere else. Today, Runic Game’s CEO Max Schaefer finally cleared the air a bit on what we can expect from the franchise in the future.

Apparently, the number one priority will be getting out a Mac port and working on language translations. Schaefer also said that Runic will be working on whatever patches may be necessary as well as getting the content editor up and running so devs and users can get some mods out into the wild.

After that? Schafer’s not exactly positive. “We’ll go up into the mountains or something and figure out what to do next,” he said.

While the Xbox port of the original Torchlight was successful, it’s going to be a while before we can expect to see one for the sequel. Given the way the game is built, it’s simply going to be “a lot harder this time.”

Schaefer also touched upon the rumor of a Torchlight MMO, stating that “We will not be making a traditional MMO under any circumstances.”

We’ll have to see if that means they’re scrapping the whole MMO idea or simply trying to take it in a unique direction. As always though, we’ll keep you posted.

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