This Saints Row: The Third Genkibowl VII DLC Media Is Beyond Absurd

Are you ready for some Genkibowl VII action? According to the latest trailer for the first major piece of Saints Row: The Third DLC, the answer is no. Then again, it’s doubtful that the world would ever be ready for the super unethical awesome and outrageous action which it will bestow upon us. Professor Genki, the giant pink mascot cat, has a mind that has wandered into the realm of insanity, and his ‘sports’ extravaganza follows that same formula.

In all honesty, I don’t really know what to say about the trailer. It’s absurd, violent, colourful, and insanely crazy. That’s exactly what the Saints Row franchise is like though. Judging by the clips included in the brief teaser, and its accompanying screenshots, this expansion is sure to be one heck of a hilarious time. You can look forward to new activity missions, costumes and vehicles.

The Genkibowl VII itinerary includes mind-bending games like:

Sexy Kitten Yarngasm
Sad Panda Skyblazing
Apocalypse Genki
Super Ethical PR Opportunity

When it launches on January 17, the pack will be priced at 560 Microsoft Points ($7 USD.) However, gamers who’ve purchased the game’s Season Pass, will receive it for free. It will be available on Steam, Xbox LIVE and PSN.