Saw Producers Confirm Game In The Works For Next-Gen Consoles

billy the puppet saw

The Saw franchise is one of the most iconic horror film franchises of the modern era and with its popularity, on the big screen it shouldn’t be any surprise fans have been dying for a new game addition based on the series.

There have been two Saw games to date with the latter coming during a time where the Saw franchise had seemingly ended. Since then though the Saw IP has seen a resurgence, most recently with Spiral: From the Book of Saw. Piggybacking off this renewed interest it seems Lionsgate is confident that the franchise will be bought back into the gaming realm at least one more time.

During a Reddit AMA with Saw producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules, the duo responded to a fan’s question about getting a new Saw game on next-generation consoles and they assured the fan that it would be happening.

As they explained, Lionsgate seems to have a pick between different routes of what a new Saw game would look like, however, they didn’t expand any further on what these would look like.

Saw II: Flesh and Blood which launched back in 2010 has still maintained a rating of around 6/10. Its predecessor Saw: The Video Game also holds a similar rating, however, perhaps a more modern addition could push through and garner more praise from fans and critics alike.

While it seems a Saw game is inevitable, there is no news on a timeline or studio that would indicate we’ll see it anytime soon.