Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster Gets Trailered

Double Fine Productions are bringing their creative talents to a brand new target audience with Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster. The motion-based game, which is exclusive to the XBOX 360 and Kinect, is aimed towards a much younger crowd.

The hope is to help them learn about friendship, teamwork and other necessary skills, as they have fun becoming a member of the Sesame Street clique. Not only will the younger gamers among us get a chance to interact with their favourite characters from that universe, but new ones will enter the fold, with the intention of becoming friends. All of this is told in the well-known storybook format, which children are accustomed to.

Below is the latest trailer for this family friendly title which should surely appeal to gamers with young ones in the house. Though, it must be said that this feels a bit more like a PSA than a trailer, but that’s okay. With Double Fine‘s pedigree, families can surely expect a complete and polished game which will be both fun and creative. Just what fans of the show would want.

Thanks to this trailer, we also now know that Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster will ship out to retailers in October. However, a specific release date has not been given. Stay tuned for details.