Several Popular Star Wars Games Reportedly Getting Physical Releases On Switch, PS4

star wars racer

A handful of popular Star Wars games from yesteryear are on course to get physical releases for several platforms, it would seem.

As spotted earlier today by Gematsu, listings for a Star Wars Racer and Commando Combo, as well as a Jedi Knight Collection, were spotted on the official USK website. The USK is the regulatory body for video game ratings in Germany, meaning these games are being reviewed for content classification. Theoretically, physical releases for all four titles could be in the horizon. THQ Nordic is specifically listed as the publisher for all four ports, which are currently only available as digital downloads.

The obvious conclusion to make is that THQ wants to capitalize on the lucrative Star Wars license by appealing to traditional collectors, though it remains to be seen if such an announcement will actually be made. Besides the fact that ratings don’t automatically translate to confirmation of a release, each already exists as a tangible product thanks to independent distributor Limited Run Games, known for producing lavish, but affordable, physical copies of otherwise digital-only titles.

star wars republic commando

As is often the case with premature reveals, this is a quintessential wait-and-see scenario that could amount to nothing. But we’ll keep you posted if an official statement on the matter is issued. Until then, anyone eager to revisit some vintage interactive adventures set in a galaxy far, far away posthaste can still grab all of the above via the Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Store. If you’re in the market for recommendations on where to start, we’d put forward Episode I: Racer without hesitation.

Alternatively, gamers with more modern tastes have plenty to choose from in the form of Star Wars: Squadrons and Jedi: Fallen Order, the latter of which is heavily rumored to have a sequel in development. See here for all the latest details.