Shadow Jago Gets Firm Release Date For Killer Instinct


Shadow Jago finally makes his permanent debut in Killer Instinct this December, and he’s not just a re-skin of the original version this time around. The bonus character will go on sale to everyone on December 18, but if you’ve previously purchased Day One Xbox Live Gold or the Community Fund Bundle, you’ll get early access to the download on December 4.

Bizarrely though, it seems that, according to the announcement, fans will only have until January 18 to purchase the fighter, at which point he’ll be gone again. Iron Galaxy Studios previously stated in November that Shadow Jago would be released at some point in December to mark Killer Instinct‘s second anniversary on the Xbox One, saying:

We’re coming up fast on December, and if you recall we mentioned that Shadow Jago would release with his own moveset by the end of the year. We can tell you one thing for sure. Shadow Jago will release in December. The exact date will be announced at a later time. Not too late, though, promise.

If you just can’t wait a few more days to get your hands on the dark half of Jago, why not check out the brand new trailer above that shows off all his new moves?

Killer Instinct‘s third season – which will see the character roster expanded even further – is due to begin in March 2016.

Source: IGN