Shadwen – Frozenbyte’s New Stealth Title – Debuts With Demo Event


Shadwen, the new stealth game from developer Frozenbyte, has a downloadable demo that’s launched with a rather interesting accompanying campaign. At present, downloading the demo will take a small amount off of the eventual release price of the full game.

At the time of writing, the community score – which is impacted by how many people have played the demo – stands at 138420. This translates into the current, expected price of the game being just under $33. With more than four days left of the promotion running, however, it’s highly likely that this is going to drop further before the end.

Shadwen is described as a “true, action-stealth game” that has only one rule at the heart of its challenge: stay out of sight. Getting spotted will see you immediately dispatched by the ruthless and bloodthirsty guards, so a careful approach is simply essential. You’ll play as Shadwen, accompanied by an orphan named Lily, on a mission to assassinate the king.

There’s currently no confirmed release date for Shadwen, but if you’re interested in it, then make sure you play the demo and knock a few more cents off the price before the game arrives.

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