Sideway: New York Is Incredibly Stylish And Available Now

Sideway: New York is the latest title to become available through the PlayStation Network. Unlike any other game on the current marketplace, it brings two-dimensional adventure platforming to three-dimensional environments, with really neat camera angles. Players must control a savvy graffiti artist who needs to make his way past devious foes on his way to save his posse from an evil dude named Spray.

The city-scaling platformer is available now for $9.99.

Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) today announced that the 2D adventure platformer set in a 3D environment, Sideway ™: New York, is now available for download on the PlayStation®Network. While navigating through various boroughs in New York City, players must guide main character Nox past enemies and obstacles in order to save his street posse from the sadistic motives of nemesis Spray.

While in the street-savvy shoes of graffiti artist Nox, players are sucked into the gritty twisted turns beneath New York’s towering walls. Bouncing between 2D and 3D world views, players will need to explore every crack and crevice of the city while learning to utilize unlockable abilities to soar, slide, jump and blast through Spray and his goons, ultimately gathering your entourage and jumping back to reality.

“Bringing in some added flavor to our expanding line up of PlayStation®Network downloadable titles, Sideway certainly offers gamers a creative way to explore the digital world of 2D and 3D environments that personify the skyline of The Big Apple,” said Christopher Sturr, executive director of business development and corporate strategy. “Even more, the game’s immersive and action filled elements further legitimize SOE’s initiative to bring both casual and hardcore gamers a steady stream of compelling content to choose from.”

Sideway also features unique camera angles to deliver a visually stunning environment, while keeping a fun yet edgy beat with original tracks from hip hop artist Mr. Lif. With the volume pumped and action packed, gamers are given the option to experience either single-player campaigns or drop-in / drop-out local co-op to team up for unworldly boss battles – watch out for flying pink bunnies!

Sideway: New York is rated E 10+ (with descriptors for crude humor, fantasy violence, mild language and tobacco reference) and is now available at US$9.99 for download on the PlayStation®Network. Sideway was develop by Playbrains and is being published by SOE.

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