New Video Teases Friday The 13th: The Game’s Single Player Challenges


Are you ready to return to Camp Crystal Lake once again?

Out of all the super cool features and updates that have been implemented and promised by Gun Media – like new playable counsellors, improved offline bots and new legendary perks – Single Player Challenges undoubtedly rank at the top of fans’ most wanted list. And now, at long last, the developer has announced the release date of the much anticipated feature, telling us that it’s finally going to arrive in an update for Friday The 13th: The Game this coming Thursday, May 24th. 

In case you haven’t been keeping up, the challenges will allow players to take on the iconic role of the masked killer as they’re tasked with venturing through a set of ten maps filled to the brim with drunken, drug-addled counsellors. Within each of the maps, there are a set amount of story-based side objectives, like killing certain characters in specific ways, as well as a secret hidden objective. 

Further still, Jason gains bonus XP for achieving things like remaining undetected while hunting down those pesky campers and your ultimate objective is to off them all in as gruesome fashion as possible for good ol’ mother. Though the maps that Gun Media have crafted don’t seem as fully featured as a fleshed out campaign, they do look like they boast some decent replayability, with a number of options and routes for players to take.

These Single Player Challenges won’t be the last piece of free content for Friday The 13th: The Game, either. A new engine upgrade and dedicated servers are also apparently on the blood-soaked cards, too. So be sure to stay tuned to WGTC, as we’ll be bringing you all the latest updates as they drop.

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