Friday The 13th: The Game Introducing New Legendary Perks

Friday the 13th: The Game

Friday the 13th: The Game

Gun Media has been busy refining their asymmetrical 7v1 horror experience, Friday the 13th: The Game, with a multitude of fresh updates, such as a deadlier Jason Voorhees plus a new map and killer. Yet, one part of the cat-and-mouse gameplay that has mostly remained unchanged has been that of the mice AKA the counsellors.

Not for long, however, as a new update has been announced today by the game’s publisher that’ll focus on the counsellor’s perk system and rebalance a multitude of important stats and spawn rates, while adding in some new Legendary Perks, too.

Here’s the official word, straight from Gun Media:

The first thing we want to talk about is a slight reworking of the UI which is designed to help players who live with certain types of color blindness. Each perk, as well as the Perk Legend, will include a numerical value of 1 through 6 as a visual indicator of Perk rarity. 1 being for Poor Perks, while 6 will denote Legendary Perks.

Next up, let’s share some value changes that we are making to Perks.

Easy Listening – Radio proximity recharge rate boost:

  • Old Value: 1-10%
  • New Value: 10-40%

 Motorboating – Boat movement speed increase

  • Old Value: 1-15%
  • New Value: 5-35%

Man at Arms – Weapon durability increase

  • Old Value: 5-25%
  • New Value: 5-15%

 My Dads a Cop – Cop arrival time reduction

  • Old Value: -5 – -30%
  • New Value: -5 – -25%

 Quiet Swimmer – Sense detection chance reduction

  • Old Value: 1-25%
  • New Value: 5-20%

 Lead Foot – Car speed increase

  • Old Value: 1-10%
  • New Value: 5-20%

Aquanaut – Swimming speed increase

  • Old Value: 1-15%
  • New Value: 5-35%

Finally, we would like to introduce Legendary Perks. Legendary Perks have all the benefits of the Perks that you know and love, but they also include a Legendary Stat Bonus. A Legendary Stat Bonus is a small value increase to a predetermined stat.

For example: You could roll a Legendary Lead Foot Perk with +19 Car Driving Speed, -2 Boat Driving Speed, with a bonus of +4 Car Start Speed.


You could roll a Legendary Medic Perk with 2 Med Spray uses, an +8 Health Increase, +5 incoming attack damage, with a +3 to Repair Speed.

Phew, that’s a whole lot of tweaks to the under-the-hood stats! Those Legendary Perks in particular sound like a really intriguing addition – they’ll undoubtedly give the hunt-em-up experience a little more welcome depth.

Sure, the most alluring part of Friday The 13th: The Game is getting the chance to play as the iconic psycho slasher, but it’s also great that Gun Media hasn’t forgotten about those unlucky counsellors, too. Happy camping!