SingStar Might Be Switching To Free-To-Play

Sony has yet to make any official announcements, but it appears that their karaoke-based SingStar game could be heading to a free-to-play business model.

The speculation comes from PS3 users attempting to use SingStar Viewer app, only to be greeted with a message stating that the application has been “discontinued” and that the “SingStar experience will be available as a free download very soon”.

Adding further fuel to the F2P speculation fire, is a Tweet from SingStarHQ stating that “news” about SingStar Viewer should hit sometime this week.

The free-to-play model seems to be a perfect fit for music-based games like SingStar, because customers have already shown a preference for digitally purchasing individual songs. Offering the main game, or some portion of it, for free would be a great way to expand the user base and pick up DLC sales after the fact.

We will keep an eye out for any official word from Sony on SingStar, and let you know as soon as anything pops up.

Source: ShackNews