Skate 3 Comes To Xbox One Backwards Compatibility As Service Celebrates Its First Birthday


Doesn’t time fly?

It’s hard to believe, but Microsoft’s backwards compatibility service between the Xbox 360 and Xbox One will officially be a year old as of November 12, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Introduced as part of Microsoft’s ‘New Xbox One Experience’ at the tail end of 2015, the feature launched with over 100 Xbox 360 titles being made available for adopters of its current-gen successor, with over 170 having been introduced since.

Recent months have seen classics like Red Dead Redemption and Mass Effect 2 & 3 added thanks to fan feedback, but one highly-requested game has still been missing. Well, until today, anyway.

EA’s Skate 3 is now available on the service, meaning fans can continue to chase their dream of forming the greatest skate crew ever with their friends. The Skate franchise “fundamentally changed the skateboarding genre,” by introducing various features never-before-seen in the genre according to the blog post, including a free-flowing control scheme – Flickit – and a Skate School feature that lets players practice their skills.

If you already own Skate 3 on Xbox 360, you should now be able to find the title ready to download on Xbox One and, as an added treat, Microsoft has teamed up with EA to offer the game’s San Van Party Pack DLC for free until November 20.