Smash Bros Fans Can’t Get Over This One Character Not Being In The Game

With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the cusp of announcing its most recent and final downloadable bonus character for the Nintendo Switch title, speculation has ranged quite a bit on who that might be.

While it may be unclear at this time just who will take that coveted slot when the announcement goes out on October 5th, many longtime video game fans are hoping for one character in particular: Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

Now it may be because speculation for inducting the character into the franchise has gone on for years at this point, and thus a prospective new character announcement is naturally going to stir up those same sentiments, but the Twitterverse is going absolutely gaga over the prospect of the character from the Square Enix and Disney RPG series that crosses universes with Final Fantasy and classic Disney cartoons joining the fistfight.

Check out this fervent fan’s jaw-dropping rendering of the character against a Smash Bros. logo backdrop and simple caption proclaiming “The Final Key.”

Even prolific voice actress Erika Harlacher, known for her roles in the videogame Persona 5 and the anime Seven Deadly Sins, got in on the banter, saying Sora has long been a dream Smash character for her and wondering whether it’s worth it to take the hype seriously and resort to seeing the announcement for herself bright and early on October 5th, despite the risk of disappointment.

Another great piece of fan art imagines Kirby having sucked up and copied Sora’s power, complete with signature hairdo and Keyblade.

And while some have taken to hate on the fact that Sora is trending in anticipation of the Smash Bros. announcement, others are defending the Kingdom Hearts hopefuls for what may very well be a prospect to get excited about, even if it’s just a dream.

Estimating the likelihood of Sora making it onto the brawler is a bit complicated. While there are other Square Enix characters on the game now, like Cloud and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7, Disney being a co-license holder of the property may make securing its rights a bit more difficult.

There have been rumors swirling the internet about a leak confirming Sora’s induction to Smash, but according to GameRant, that originates from a somewhat dubious source: an anonymous poster on 4Chan.

What character do you want to see fill the final slot of the roster when Nintendo makes the announcement for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on October 5th?