Solid Snake Might Return In Metal Gear Solid 5, Might Have Social Interactions

Hideo Kojima is always great at teasing stuff. On the docket for today, aside from maybe confirming Metal Gear Solid 5, Kojima makes it known what sort of features he likes about other games, and that an old friend might be returning.

In an interview with French magazine IG, Kojima drops the following quote:

 About Metal Gear Solid 5, I can tell you two things: there will be much question of infiltration, espionage, and convincing people to give you ‘a favour’ like in the last Metal Gear Solid.

I liked the idea of social interactions in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but we will see. And if I say more, the female ninja public relations officer, who is behind the door, I will be carved up into pieces. So it’s better that we meet again when the time comes to talk about Metal Gear Solid 5.

When he talks about the last game, I’m assuming he means the loyalty system put in place in order to recruit soldiers to Militaires Sans Frontières.

And when addressing the lack of Solid Snake in the upcoming Metal Gear Rising, he may have let slip that the series’ main hero will be making a return.

This is not a game about our beloved Solid Snake. It is a spinoff that tries something different. We have not yet finished with Solid Snake, despite the fact that I wanted to let him die at the end of Guns of the Patriots.

I’m sticking to my theory that the next game will actually be a remake of the original Metal Gear. Everything still fits, at least.

What say you, gamers? What do you think of these comments?