Looks Like Sonic Adventure 2 Is Getting Re-Released On XBLA And PSN

This shouldn’t be surprising, given that nearly every other Sonic game in existence is available in digital form on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, but it looks like Sonic Adventure 2, the crown jewel of the Dreamcast back in the day, will be making its way to your digital marketplace of choice soon.

The screencap you see above was quickly shot when a listing for Sonic Adventure 2 showed up on Xbox.com very briefly, which has since been taken down. Although, given SEGA‘s love of re-releasing their back catalog (probably to help bring them out of their money woes at the moment,) this little leak seems incredibly likely to be true.

Now, to clarify, this only “confirms” the game will be coming to XBLA. It’s just an incredibly safe assumption that it’ll also make its way to PSN given that, well, you know, all of SEGA‘s other re-releases have.

The listing mentioned that the game would have all the features, including the Chao Gardens, one of the most popular features of any game in the series’ history. I’m hoping that means we might get the two-player vs. modes and Chao trading available over Xbox Live. I will literally make all my friends buy it if they do.

Sonic Adventure 2 was my favorite Sonic game, so this is exciting news. We’ll keep you posted on if we hear anything else. Like the confirmation that hasn’t technically happened yet.